or a recipe legacy!

It’s Grandmother Caroline, well-known amongst the older generation of the village, who thought-up this original recipe of our tarte flambée, made using a thin dough garnished with fromage blanc (a fresh, creamy white cheese), crème fraîche, onions and beechwood-smoked lardons. Our family has always loved this recipe and its secret has been handed down over the generations, giving Marcel Friedrich and his son Jacky, the company founders, the idea of sharing this culinary heritage with the greatest number of people possible. Assisted by Nathalie and Joëlle, daughter and daughter-in-law of Marcel, they strove to launch frozen flammekueche on the mass distribution market, without compromising on the quality or inimitable taste of their tartes flambées. Today, some new members of our family have adopted the same love for tartes flambées: Emmanuel, Marie and Stéphane have joined the team to make sure grandmother Caroline’s recipe lives on.